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In this blog we hope to share insights from the research we do and the collective wisdom of our clients. Between us, we have decades of research experience and have managed thousands of projects. We like to tell clients that what this really means is we have made almost every conceivable mistake that can be made on a research study. As we tell our children, if you never make the same mistake twice you’ll end up being incredibly smart. And, we have done a lot of ground breaking things as well.

When I think of blogs I often think of a Bob Dylan line: “I heard ten thousand whisperin’ and nobody listenin’.”  Blogs can be a great vehicle for self-expression. But, you have to wonder sometimes if anyone is actually reading or thinking about the voluminous blog content that is out there.

In this blog we will try to stick to subjects we know well: Market research. Education. Youth. The Generations. New studies that have been released. We’ll try to stay away from telling you about our favorite meals, our business travel woes, or the pain and suffering that goes with being a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan.

So, we begin this blog with a goal of not trying to be cathartic – but trying to engage people and provide a forum for issues that affect us as researchers. Like an untrodden trail in the woods, we might not know where this is taking us, but it is taking us someplace!

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