We were born in a small town

More snow

When we are asked where we are located, our answer varies based on our audience.

  • To cab drivers and those who know little about NY state geography, we say “New York.” They tend to think that means the big city.
  • To those who are only familiar with NY City, we say “Upstate.” They tend to think that means the Bronx.
  • To those a little less geographically challenged, we say “Rochester.” That is usually met with an “I’m sorry” look and questions about how many feet of snow there is on the ground.
  • To those who truly are familiar with our area, we say “Honeoye Falls.” This is the most accurate response – as we are actually located on the four corners of a small town about a half hour drive south of Rochester. (It is pronounced “Honey – Oy” with the Yiddish pronounciation of “Oy.”)

This is a pretty cool place to be.  Our offices literally overlook the “Falls” part of Honeoye Falls, and the picture above is close to our view all day long.  Of course, this picture was taken in July … it does snow a lot up here!

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