Announcing Crux Connect

Distance training or online training concept

Crux Research is excited to announce a new research tool, called Crux Connect.

Crux Connect is an interactive platform than can be used for a wide range of planning, strategy, feedback and market opinion requirements.  We have been working with Doug Griffen of the Advanced Strategy Center to develop this product.  Crux Connect offers an alternative to traditional focus groups or online bulletin boards.  The sessions are conducted in person or online in real-time, and are carefully moderated.

There are some excellent qualitative tools used by market researchers.  Despite many advances in online methods, traditional focus groups are still going strong.  Online chat discussions and bulletin boards continue to be helpful and provide options for qualitative studies that would not be possible with traditional groups.  Crux Connect represents yet another excellent tool.  It opens up new possibilities for our projects, and we are happy to be able to offer it as an option to our clients.  You can read more about Crux Connect at our website.

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