Parent Tools for Digital Safety

Recently, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition partnered with Crux Research to assess American families’ competence and attitudes surrounding known online safety risks. We conducted an online survey of 3,700 parents to better understand families’ preparedness to deal with iKeepSafe’s Six Pillars of Digital Safety and Wellness:

  • Balance
  • Ethics
  • Privacy
  • Relationships
  • Reputation
  • Online Security

The study indicated that when it comes to their children’s online safety, moms and dads often don’t know what they need to know – and they don’t know where to start looking for answers. The study indicated the gaps that exist in each of the six pillars, and has been used by iKeepSafe to develop resources that teach essential technology skills and habits.

iKeepSafe has developed a number of excellent parent resources, including an excellent parent app. These can be found at Here you will find the study report, free Android and Facebook apps, and other educational resources.

This app was developed with the support of the parent survey conducted by Crux.  It is exciting to see how a client can put market research to such good use.  If you are a parent, we strongly recommend you get this free app!

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